We Tell You How to Write KSA for Government Job

If you’re thinking of doing a Federal government job application, and are wondering how to write a KSA for your government job, we can help. Our government KSA examples as well as federal resume tips are designed to explain information requirements and give you a few writing tips as well. We also have got resume samples to give you a starting point.

Before you start

  • Before you write anything, you should be aware that when writing a Federal government resume, it’s a good idea to focus on information requirements.

  • Federal government resume formats are quite different from private sector formats.

Federal government resume writing basics

We have some  examples of federal government resumes for you to check on our website. When writing a Federal government resume:

  • Always quote every job title or job reference number
  • KSAs are specifically required parts of the very government job applications.
  • Some information requirements include mandatory information, like required licences, certifications, and other skills-related qualifications.
  • You will be required to list your technology skills, including software, and any other skills relevant to the application.
  • You must provide three employment references.
  • Be careful to check for any specific skills, knowledge, and experience required by the job advertisement.

Federal government resume KSAs

KSAs are built in to Federal government job resumes:

  • You must address all the specified KSAs. KSAs are crucially important factors in application screening, so make sure to include all requirements.
  • Essential job criteria must be referred to when writing your KSAs. Be a little patient with this process, because you really do have to match the job criteria as closely as possible.
  • Federal employment regulations require at least one year’s experience in required skills, and/or appropriate qualifications. This is a minimum competency standard, and your KSAs must meet these criteria.
  • Take the time to do a good job writing your KSAs. Don’t write your resume on autopilot. These government jobs usually get hundreds of applications, so make sure that your application is competitive.

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Keywords are extremely important

Keywords are used by all employers to screen job applications. Your resume must contain all applicable keywords:

  • You will find the relevant keywords in the job advertisement. These keywords include critical skills, qualifications, et cetera. They are pretty easy to spot, but make sure that you include these keywords in your resume.
  • It’s a good idea to use exactly the same terminology as the job advertisement, when writing your KSAs. This makes sure that your KSAs match all the important keywords.
  • Be careful to ensure that you do actually include all the required KSAs. (One of the most common mistakes made by job applicants is to breeze through their KSAs, send off the application, and then realize that they have left out a lot of important information. Just don’t do it.)

Editing your resume

When you’ve completed the first draft of your resume, you need to be your own most severe critic.

Look for typos; look for any information which looks substandard, misspellings, and other predictable but very annoying issues.

Take the time to match your KSAs to essential job skills. This is a very basic precaution, but it’s well worth doing.

When you’re satisfied that your application meets all criteria and is of a sufficiently good standard, you’re ready to submit your application.