The Best Government Resume Examples

When you look at government resume  knowledge skills and abilities KSA examples , you will notice that these kinds of resumes are pretty similar in many ways. While formatting may vary slightly between government departments, information requirements can be quite demanding.  Please note that a private sector resume format is not appropriate for government job applications.

Government resumes overview

If you haven’t done a government job application before, you need to be prepared for a significant learning experience. Government resumes are formally structured and formatted.

When you look at an example of a government resume online, you’ll notice that the first pages of the resume contain information which is not usually seen in private sector resumes. Pay close attention to this formatting, because government agencies require job applications to contain a range of additional information.

Government resumes require:

  • Job title and job application reference number
  • KSA statement relating to essential criteria as specified by the job ad
  • Chronological employment history
  • Education and other qualifications
  • Three job references
  • Computer skills
  • Licence and other related professional certifications as required

When applying for a government job, you should be aware of, and be guided by, any specific formatting and information requirements described in the job ad.

If you’re unsure how to format your application, contact the relevant government department directly.

Government resumes and KSA requirements

When compiling your resume:

  • You will need to pay close attention to specified KSA requirements. These KSAs form a critical part of the formal process of assessment of your job application. Your KSAs are matched to specific position requirements.

  • This is much more than a “box ticking” exercise. It’s a make or break exercise. The quality of your KSAs is very important. Be patient with this process, because you may find that a very broad range of KSAs is required.
  • You will need to systematically include all the KSA requirements of the position, and think carefully regarding matching your skills to the job. Typically, a benchmark rule is that you must have at least one year of experience in the required essential skills, or appropriate educational qualifications.
  • When composing your KSAs, pay close attention to the required skill sets and experience. Skill sets are useful definitions of the job role, and essential criteria can be used as a working model to help you understand the requirements of the position.

KSAs and keywords

Critical points to remember:

  • Government agencies, like other employers, use keywords to screen job applications. Typically, KSAs contain multiple keywords related to skills, experience, and “specialized experience” related to specific roles.

  • Before you write your government job application, thoroughly check the job advertisement for keywords. Most of them are quite straightforward and easy to see. An accountancy job, obviously, will use a range of keywords related to the accountancy skills and experience required for the role.
  • The specific terminology is important. Try to use exactly the same terminology as used in the job advertisement for your KSAs. These keywords are the basis of computer screening, and must be present for your application to proceed.