See How to Write US Government Resume

If you’re trying to write a US government resume, the first thing you will notice is that the format of these resumes requires a lot more information. You will also notice that information requirements are much more demanding than private sector resumes. Our resume writing service can also provide you with professional  government resume tips if you need.

The basics

  • When writing a US government resume, the information requirements must be addressed systematically. Write each part of your resume one piece at a time.

  • Pay very close attention to any essential criteria specified in the job advertisement, and make sure that your resume information matches these criteria.
  • Do not under any circumstances attempt to adapt an existing private sector resume to a government resume. While some of information will obviously be the same, particularly work history, formatting is different, and specific information requirements are different.

US government resume writing essentials

Standard requirements when writing a US government resume:

  • You must quote all references, like any job title or a job position number
  • KSAs are built in to government resume formats.
  • You may be required to provide information regarding relevant licences, certifications, qualifications. This information must be provided citing relevant references, license numbers, certification numbers, etc.
  • Technology skills are standard requirements of US government resume formats.

US government resume KSA issues and considerations

We can give you some government KSA examples if you need ones. KSAs are particularly important:

  • Be sure to include all the required KSAs.
  • Your KSAs must match job criteria. Take the time to go through all the essential job criteria when writing your KSAs. Systematically match each requirement.
  • When writing KSAs, please note that Federal government employment regulation specified that you must have at least one year’s experience in required skills, and/or suitable qualifications.
  • Your KSAs will get you the job. Don’t get casual when writing your KSAs. Remember that government jobs always get lots of applications, so make sure you write a competitive resume.

Keywords – Must have part of government resume

Keywords are absolutely critical on any government resume:

  • Keywords are used by government agencies as basic screening for job applications. Your resume must contain as many of the relevant keywords as possible.
  • Always use the same terminology as the job advertisement, particularly for your KSAs.
  • Be sure to check and make sure that you do include all the required KSAs.

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Editing a US government resume

After first draft of your resume, you need to be absolutely meticulous about checking your work, particularly if you have written a US government resume before.

There are many basic, but necessary, editing requirements:

  • Typos – Grit your teeth and go through your text looking for obvious typos, spelling mistakes, and other inevitable but very irritating text issues.
  • KSAs – You’ve already matched your KSAs, now do it again. It is very easy to overlook a few words on a job advertisement or simply forget to include something in your resume.

OK –

  • Are you happy with the quality of information on your resume?
  • Have you included everything that you wanted to include?
  • Does the application look good, in terms of the requirements of the job?

Now you can submit your resume!