Our Useful Federal Government Resume Examples

Federal government resume examples can tell you a lot about how to make a good job application and how to manage your resume. You should be aware that a federal government resume is quite different in many ways from private sector counterparts. Moreover, you can write KSA resume with no mistakes now as professional tips and tricks are here to help!

Please note that you can’t use your normal resume for a federal government job application. More information is required, and you will also be required to structure your resume differently or check out some government resume examples.

Federal Government Resume Essentials

If you’re unfamiliar with the Federal government job application process, it’s a good idea to take the time to learn all the requirements. As you can see from the examples of Federal government resumes available online, these resumes are formally structured to comply with government employment regulations and statutory requirements.

Federal government resumes have a range of standard features:

  • You must quote job title and job reference number;
  • A strong emphasis on KSAs;
  • Your employment history must be extracted to match job application guidelines;
  • Education and training qualifications must be specified;
  • You must cite statutorily required licences, certifications, and similar information related to the position for which you’re applying;
  • Technology skills must be specified;
  • Three employer references are required;
  • Some government jobs may have specific information requirements.

Federal Government KSAs Overview

KSAs are particularly important as in federal government job applications as in government affairs resume :

  • Be sure to include all the specified KSA requirements. Your KSAs are one of the most important parts of assessment of candidate suitability. KSAs are used as basic criteria for evaluating job applications at all levels of screening.
  • Best practice is to use job essential criteria as the basis for your KSAs. It’s critically important to ensure that your KSAs fully address all aspects of the job requirements.
  • When writing your KSAs, you should be aware that you must have at least one year’s experience in required skills, and/or relevant qualifications. This is a required standard of competency, set by Federal government employment regulations.
  • Think carefully when writing your KSAs. Make sure that you include all your skill sets, experience, and knowledge. Remember that government applications are extremely competitive, and that your KSAs are baseline requirements.

KSAs as Important Keywords

Keywords are major issues when making a government job application:

  • Government departments use keywords to evaluate job applications on receipt. Your application will be computer screened, using keywords as the basis for acceptance or rejection. Please be sure to make certain that all keywords are included in your application, as far as possible.
  • The government job application will contain all the important keywords. Read the job ad carefully, and focus on the skills required. These skills are all keywords.
  • When writing your resume, your KSAs should use the same terminology as the job advertisement. This ensures that your keywords will pass computer screening, as well as meeting all the criteria for the position. (Please note: This exercise isn’t as bureaucratic as it might seem, in fact, it’s quite helpful. The list of skills on the job advertisement is a good memory ad, when writing your resume.)

Follow our tips and federal government resume examples and write perfectly!