Our Main Government Resume Tips

If you’re looking for government resume tips or tips on how to write KSA for government job , we can help. Writing a government resume as well as federal law enforcement resume can be a bit difficult, particularly if you’re not familiar with the government resume format issues.

Government resumes overview

  • Information requirements for government resumes are different in several ways from normal private sector resumes.

  • You will need to provide more information, and you will need to provide the extra information in the required resume format.
  • It’s a good idea to take the time to check government resume format requirements, and familiarize yourself with the information required.

Government resume writing basics

Resume information, particularly your KSAs, is used for application assessment and evaluation.

  • You must be sure to address all the essential job criteria in your resume.
  • Carefully check your information while writing to ensure that your resume is a good match to the requirements of the job advertisement.

Government resumes have a range of formal requirements:

  • Cite the job title and job reference number
  • KSAs must be clearly laid out, showing clear competency and an appropriate range of knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Your employment history must be written to show clear matches with the requirements of the position for which you are applying.
  • Qualifications must meet minimum competency standards.
  • Be sure to include any relevant licences, certifications, or other statutorily required information related to the position.
  • You will see a section related to technology skills. This section is very important, and must be completed in full.
  • Depending on the job, you may be required to submit additional information, like security clearances, et cetera.

Government resumes and KSAs

KSAs are core issues in any government job application:

  • You must meet all KSA requirements of a government position. While writing, systematically check to make sure that your KSAs are good matches.
  • Best practice is to define your KSAs using the same terminology as the job advertisement. This is actually quite easy, but don’t leave out any essential skills.
  • Clearly define your skill sets, relevant experience, and knowledge. The best approach to writing your KSAs is to simply address each skill set one at a time, using the job advertisement as a guide. This also makes editing easier later, and make sure that you don’t leave out any critically important KSAs.

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Keywords on government resumes are very important:

  • Government agencies use keywords for screening purposes. You’ll find the keywords in the job advertisement. These keywords are invariably related to essential skills, and your KSAs.
  • Write your resume using the same descriptors as a job advertisement. This ensures that your KSAs and other information match the requirements of the screening process.
  • Please note: One of the most common, and most avoidable, mistakes when writing a government resume is to simply rewrite an existing resume. This is simply asking for rejection. Don’t try and “adapt” an existing resume to a government job application.


After your first draft, start editing. Check for mistakes, and above all, check for any information which you may have left out of your application. When you’re satisfied that you have good match with the requirements of the job application, you know you’ve written a good government resume.