Our Main Federal Resume Tips

Federal government resumes as well as  government affairs resume, when you see them for the first time, can look quite unnerving. We’ve put together some Federal resume tips to help people understand the issues. We’ve also compiled a list of Federal resume writing tips to explain the basics of writing KSAs for Federal government job applications. If you also need some  federal government resume examples, we’d love to provide you with those ones too.

Let’s start with the basics about Federal government resumes:

  • Federal government resumes use a different format to private sector formats. You can’t really use a private sector format for a Federal government job application.
  • Information requirements for Federal government job applications are also different. Your Federal government resume will be required to contain more information regarding specific job requirements, and more information overall.

Federal government resume writing

When writing a Federal government resume you need to systematically provide all the information required, and carefully check information requirements for each part of your resume:

  • Always quote any relevant residents numbers related to the job position and include the job title.
  • KSAs are very much a part of these resumes. The Federal government resumes provide space for skills, knowledge, and abilities. Check the job ad’s essential requirements, which are very useful memory joggers when writing your KSAs.
  • Your work history and experience should be written to show direct relevance to the position for which you’re applying.
  • Education and training qualifications should be expressed in the proper academic format, i.e., “Bachelor of Arts, (Hons) XYZ University, 2009”.
  • If the position requires statutory licences and/or certifications, you must provide license numbers and references for certifications.
  • Technology skills are required to be identified, for example if you regularly use MYOB or XL, et cetera, you’ll need to write a list of these skills.
  • 3 employer references are a mandatory requirement.
  • Check the job advertisement carefully for any specific information requirements related to the position.

KSAs and Federal government resumes

KSAs are particularly important in Federal government job applications:

  • Check for KSA requirements related to the position. Make sure that all the necessary KSAs are included in your resume.
  • Important – Federal government regulations require that you must have a minimum of one year’s experience in required skills, and a minimum level of qualifications. This is a competency standard, required by Federal government employment regulations.
  • Your KSAs can give you a competitive advantage. Be thorough when writing your resume and be sure to clearly show all your skill sets, experience, and knowledge.

KSAs and keywords

Keywords are used to screen government job applications:

  • All the relevant keywords are contained in the job advertisement. Focus on required skills, particularly KSAs, which include all the critical keywords.
  • Try to use the same terminology as the job ad, as much as possible. Typically, job advertisements are screened on the basis of straightforward, easy to recognize keywords related to core skills.

Application information quality

Perhaps most important of all – Focus on writing a clear, easy to read, resume containing all the relevant information. Edit typos, and check for misspellings. Be patient, and you will write an excellent resume.