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KSAO Examples with us are always latest as we update them online at regular intervals. You can rely up on our each KSAO example as well as our resume sample online for writing your own KSA and a resume. Here, KSAO stands for Knowledge, skills, abilities and other suitable characteristics statement. Some of our latest KSAO model examples are listed below:

KSAO Example 1: I am secretary in my organization. I handle all the writing correspondences those are non-technical in nature received within the organization. Most of these writings will cater to the administrative matters. These responses are created in various different forms based on the purpose by me. Very often, it happens to me draft the complete correspondence on a particular matter based on the requirement. For example, when an employee requires leave balances, then I would write the complete memo from the information provided by the employee. Here, keeping every detail to the perfection and keeping everything according to the required format is my job responsibility besides being prompt and quick with the given duties.

KSAO Example 2: The major routine task handled by me daily being in my current position is to create reports and studies on various operations and components of the organization. These reports and studies always got to be clear and concise through carrying all the valid and reliable information in it. Very often, these reports will contain very complex data that deserves manipulation and transformation into easy understanding format and language. These aspects will be handled well by me with the help of acquired experienced here for the past five years. During the reports generation process, I will be accessing most valuable information of the organization from the various departments such as HR, operations, administration and some more. Important and confidential information from these departments will be used appropriately by me within these reports in a way the confidential information will not be revealed in any part of it. Most of these reports will be verified and scrutinized by by my higher management officials and final reports will successfully reaches to the Director’s Staff Advisor for the effective final usage within the organization.

Writing knowledge skills attitudes is pretty complicated but you need to stay focused, concise, and original. In that case, you have all chances to make your application successful!

The KSAO Examples provided above will be used for your KSA too. Mainly, understand the way KSAO developed and the way knowledge, skills and abilities expressed within the statement. This knowledge will help you to write your own statement in a better way.

With our KSAO examples, you’ll have a real support in your writing.