Check the Correct Government Resume Format

A government resume format is quite different in many ways from a typical private sector resume. You should be aware that government resumes are structured to comply with statutory requirements and for internal administrative purposes. Government job applications may also require you to provide information which is not usually required in other employment sectors.

Please note that when writing a resume for a government job application:

  • You really do need to follow the guidelines as closely as possible.
  • Applications must comply with any requirements for specific information.

Key issues for government resume formatting

When writing in a government job resume format, make sure that you:

  • Provide only relevant experience in your work history.
  • Do not provide information related to jobs more than 10 years ago, unless absolutely necessary and relevant to the position.
  • Include any information regarding contract work in the “Contract Block” section of your application.
  • Provide all specified information regarding relevant licences, security clearances, et cetera.
  • Fully address all the key requirements of the position.
  • Include job application title and reference number.
  • Include at least three employment references.
  • Make sure that your educational qualifications meet the minimum standards required for the job.

KSAs and government resume formatting

When writing your resume, you will need to target your KSA information to job criteria. Carefully read the job advertisement for essential skills, knowledge base information, and other critical information.

When writing your KSAs, you will need to address each of the required skill sets as follows:

  • Express your KSAs according to the requirements of the job advertisement. Do not include irrelevant skills, which simply waste space and add nothing do your job application credentials.
  • Systematically work through each of the essential skill sets, matching your skills to the job requirements. Think about this, and be as thorough as possible. One of the most common mistakes people make when writing resumes is to undervalue their experience or simply forget to include skills they use on a regular basis every day, like database management or call center work.
  • Pay close attention to integrating your KSAs with your employment history. (Typically, employers will use a checklist system, particularly with computer screening, to match applicants to positions. Experience and skills which do not match your employment history will naturally be questioned.)

KSAs and templates

If you’re using a template or  government resume examples, you may or may not find it easy to include your KSAs. Not all templates are equal, and some are definitely better than others. If your KSAs require a lot of space, use a template which is easy to adjust. This is particularly important in jobs where a wide range of skill sets is often required. You can check our professional  federal law enforcement resume examples and many other ones by using our website.

KSAs and keywords

Please note that the use of keywords is extremely important when making your application. Your KSAs, particularly essential skills, will include a large number of keywords. It’s important that you make sure to express your keywords in the same terminology as the job advertisement, on which the keywords are based.